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Gebrüder Stitch Gewinnspiel · Prize Game plus Frequency Counting

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This interactive wheel of fortune game is used for promotion at events. Participants can win prices like 50% off coupons. In the background, the app saves generated coupons such that they can be imported into the inventory management system.


  • Native iOS iPad
  • Interactive prize game (wheel of fortune)
  • Configurable prizes
  • Coupon sendable via email
  • Coupon printable via bluetooth label printer
  • Tracking of generated coupons in a database
  • Frequency counting of shop customers
Gebrüder Stitch Gewinnspiel Screenshot

Gebrüder Stitch Gewinnspiel Screenshot

Behind the Scenes

Several different games were tested, for example a card game. Ultimately, it was decided to implement a wheel of fortune because it is self explanatory.

Coupons can be printed via a mobile bluetooth label printer. The implementation of the printer was a special technical challenge.

For business reasons its necessary to track the generation of coupons. Generated coupons are saved in a database where they can be imported into the inventory control system. This has to work even when there is no connectivity at the current event. In that case, data has to be saved offline and synched as soon as an internet connection is available again.