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New devices and gadgets effectively flood the market. Capitalizing them to their full potential in your business involves high costs in terms of new hires and trainings, as well as the risk of failing to utilize the new technology in a customer-friendly way.
We help you to overcome those obstacles! By combining the most recent research with creativity and innovation, we create the apps that you and your customers desire!

Check out two of our Apps

Use iZurvive to coordinate your gameplay with your friends in DayZ. It provides maps with loot for placing markers (players, tents,..) that are automatically shared with the friends in your group - without the need to register, and completely free! Check it out!
Polynom is more than just a calculator. It solves your math exercises by providing simple step-by-step solutions. It is fast and simple to use, yet powerful by providing easy to follow explanations. Check it out!

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