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You want to reach your customers or optimize a business process?

A mobile app is a great way to further your business goals, and our goal is to help you with that.

We are a small austrian team that has specialized in the implementation of native mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as the fitting backend services.

We love to work closely with you—right from the concept phase of a project—to ensure the best solution for individual requirements. Kickstart your app and contact us!

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Apps built for our Partners

TEE Report

An app to assist in echocardiographic examinations that also generates examination reports.

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qonnect to your favorite store, get updates and perks—all while staying anonymous.

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Sony School

Sony S`cool4u is the perfect organizer for school.

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Browse 20.000+ available tours and connect to other travellers.

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Augmented-Reality presentation of medical instruments for medical congresses.

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Sales Pilot

Point-of-sales app for medical products with product information documents, videos and interactive scenarios to engage the customer.

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Sales helper for medical products with videos and product information documents, presented in medical context.

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Our Apps


Coordinate your gameplay with your friends in DayZ. Use High-resolution maps of Chernarus to find your way to valuable loot. Organize your group by posting markers of your position and other points of interest.

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Ginfo for Overwatch

Learn everything you need to know to become a better Overwatch player. Have the necessary information and numbers for all heroes right at your fingertips.

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Polynom is more than just a calculator. It solves your math exercises by providing simple step-by-step solutions.

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With Spotimus, you can check into events and locations to find out who else is currently there.

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