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Push the boundaries—experience a new dimension of product presentation. With the help of augmented reality, you can explore Powered Echelon, Enseal Articulating and Harmonic 7 in innovative ways and learn about their advantage in clinical use. This app is only meant for clinical professionals in austria.

Pushing boundaries in product presentation


  • Augmented-Reality presentation of medical instruments
  • When viewing a product poster through the app it seems as if the product was in the middle of the room
  • High quality 3D models, freely viewable
  • Detailed product information for instruments
Ethicon Screenshot

Ethicon Screenshot

Behind the Scenes

The Ethicon AR App was implemented as a native iOS App specifically for use at a medical congress in summer 2013 and was only available during that congress.

Its main feature is the presentation of professional medical gear used for endoscopic surgery. These instruments are presented in augmented reality. If the app was pointed at posters of medical instruments at the congress, a high quality 3D model of that medical instrument was presented in the app as if it was hovering above the poster. The user could view the instrument in detail, rotating and zooming freely.

In addition, the app also contains detailed information and marketing materials about the available instruments.