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TEE report supports managing a transoesophageal echocardiographic examination. Infos, pitfalls, normal values and grading of pathologies enable a structured analysis based on standard views. Examination inputs and texts are automatically combined into a clearly laid out PDF Report. The report can be printed, sent as an email attachment and imported in patient-data management systems. Additionally it’s a great tool for saving reports for certification in echocardiography.
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  • Native iOS iPhone app
  • Guidance through TEE examinations
  • Infos & pitfalls with images for every cut
  • Intuitiv input of examination results, only showing options that are actually possible based on previous input
  • Interactive visualisations of cardiac segments to diagnose cardiac diseases
  • PDF report generation with additional values calculated by a formula database
TEE Report Screenshot

TEE Report Screenshot

Behind the Scenes

TEE examinations consist of numerous different cuts. While some of them can be very similar, others are completely unique. There are attributes which can be diagnosed only in a specific cut whereas some can be diagnosed in several cuts. It was necessary to develop a template system in which the cuts can be described in a simple domain specific language.

Since it’s possible to edit attributes in multiple cuts, input has to be synchronized between different cuts.

In order to generate a PDF report, the input values have to be transformed and layed out properly. This is achieved by first inserting the input values into a HTML template which is then rendered to PDF. The resulting PDF can be shared with other applications, e.g. by e-mail.